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Hi!! I'm playing Crusader Kings II. I started as Petty King of Wessex in 867 and now I'm Emperor of Britain in 1109.

The Empire of Britain is composed by the kingdoms of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Norway, Denmark and Germany. In the near future I probably will inherit Sweden and France (though, only North France cause the South is Aquitanian) and then I could entitle myself as Emperor of Scandinavia and Holy Roman Emperor too. However I think this titles don't describe the magnitude of my empire. Is a multinational and multietnic compendium that needs another name. I thought about calling it Northland, or Nordmar but my eyes are in Italy and Bulgaria too. I thought about calling it European Empire, however I think no one thought as Europe as a political entity back on the Middle Ages. Roman Empire is discarded because Byzantium is the true Roman Empire. 

So, I thought that a wider vision on this could help me. What do you think. Do you have any good name for it? Have in mind that it is composed by Anglosaxons, Bretons, Nordics, Germans and French in a near future. Puns are welcommed but I would appreciate serious names. :) 

Thanks in advance!! :D
Druuna by Aquemenes1983
This began as a practice for pencil over paper and to try to reproduce the style of master of comic book Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri. Who else better to try to reproduce characteristic style than her most famous and beloved character: Druuna.
Spiderwoman by Aquemenes1983
This was an ilustration coloured on photoshop from a sketch I did with pencils over paper when I was at work with nothing better to do and without internet. I depicted spiderwoman with a slightly different uniform because as I said I didn't had internet and draw it as best as I could remember. When I finally decided to color it, I didn't want to correct the shape of her uniform cause erase the pencils and redraw it could have spoiled the drawing. So it ended like this. I like the colors and I'm very proud of the lightning I achieved, what do you think? Critics are always welcome. :)
Do u like my fireworks, Bats? by Aquemenes1983
Do u like my fireworks, Bats?
Joker celebrates July 4th in his very own way.

Disclaimer: no offense intended to any US denizen, or other people who could be sensible to terrorism related issues; but I didn't find a better way to portrait Joker's apetite for chaos and destruction.
Well, boys and girls, 10th April is my birthday and to celebrate it I not only going to open comissions for the first time, but I do it with an especial offer. The thing is as follows. The first 10 of you that request a comission from me until 4/10/14 will pay only 10€, or 13USD. After my birthday comissions will remain opened, but prices will be slightly higher. 10€ or 13USD is the quantity I usually charge for a B&W sketch, while some drawings like Into the Storm or Shepard could be between 20€ and 30€ or 26USD and 39USD, depending of the circumstances cause prices are always negotiable. :) I'll put a table of prices in my next journal once my birthday is over and who knows, maybe I decide to low them all to near 10€, 13USD if this iniciative succees

So, get advantage of the situation and hurry to ask me for a comission. Time is running out!

Have a nice Day!


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JosÚ Luis
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I┤ve been drawing since I was three, or so my parents say. I never go to any academy and only learn some tricks from other people as the years passed by. The rest of my knowledge in the ilustration art is my own effort. I learned by the slow but prooved "Try & Mistake" method. Now I got 29 and rediscovered my passion after five years without touching a pencil. I┤m learning the digital aspect as I always do: in my own way. So don┤t expect awesome pictures, cause I┤m really far of what I want, but have for sure that every picture I do is a titanic effort to improve.

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